With a 20-year mining history. We deliver integral solutions for the mining industry.Our services include long-term mine development and production contracts. RELIANT completes all the corresponding ground support (cable bolting, shotcrete, bolts and mesh installation, other), mucking, loading, hauling, and service activities. We have the ability to deliver integral services for the whole mine while also offering our specialized capabilities separately, to meet the short and long term requirements of our clients.

We are the leading provider of integral mining solutions around the world using different mining methods. Our Integrated Management System allows us to align the processes, equipment, and people's skills across all our projects, building strong relationships of trust with our clients, truly understanding their needs and expectations. That’s how we deliver best-practice for the most suitable and integral insights and solutions by creating a framework for success for every project.

Mufulira Mine (From 2004 - Ongoing)

SOB Mine (From 2003 - Ongoing)

Mindolo Mine (From 2008 - Ongoing)

We have a global
presence executing
specialized mining services
around the world